Why Fashion Illustrations are very important in Fashion Design


You don’t have the right to ruin the impression of your design ideas by having a poorly drawn fashion figure underneath. This is the easiest way to make your work look unprofessional and discourage people to get you serious.

You either learn how to draw the fashion figure or you stick to presenting your designs just like flats.
Technical drawings (flats) are often times underrated by aspiring designers but in the real world this is how many designers communicate their ideas. The great thing about flats is that they are faster to make and somehow you don’t get distracted by drawing the figure (especially if you find it challenging). Flats are escpecially helpful when you are creating a collection and want to see how everything works together without the distraction of figure, pose, colors and patterns.


Draw a nice fashion figure or no figure at all
Draw either nice fashion figure or no figure at all



Why you need to draw well the fashion figure in your sketches?

1.Because it makes your designs look better.

2.Because a beautiful drawing will make the viewer want to take a closer look and appreciate your design.

3.Because it shows that you are not lazy to make the extra efforts to learn a bit about anatomy and proportions.

4.Because the proportions of your design will be drawn correctly. If your figure has bad,short arms your design will have bad, short sleeves also. And you don’t what that- do you?

5. Because we live in a world in which great presentation is a king. Think about why they use Photoshop to make the models in magazine more beautiful*. Because naturally we admire beauty and we want to reach it. So if the model is beautiful and wears Rs 40,000 bag we are more likely to buy this bag. Same applies to fashion sketches – if you have a well drawn figure, nice composition, great colors we are more likely to like your design and pay for it.

* I am not trying to defend the abnormal use of Photoshop that causes self-esteem problems to many young girls. I am just saying how things are nowdays (unfortunately)

6.Because knowing the anatomy and proportions will give you more creativity and more ideas.
If you take the time to explore the human body and see how we move you will have a better idea what is possible to be sewn and manufactured. Never stop observing.

7. Because it’s not that hard to learn how to draw it and it’s actually fun!
I have created a very easy to follow step by step tutorial on how to draw on of the most preferred poses in fashion sketches.

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