Some tips for “Fashion students” who are looking for job as “Fashion Designer”

Hi people ! how you doing hope you all rocking in life . i am writing this blog as a request of many of you who want  to know why they are not getting job as fashion designer in India.

So i am dividing this blog into two parts first i will tell you what you should never do during your job interviews and then i will let you know what is the best approach to crack an interview for fashion designer


You should never do :

  • Requesting or Begging for the job :  there is no scope for charity in business so your sad stories will just make the employer negative towards you its better to showcase your skills .
  • I am for sale: i work for a good designer i can give the the idea and concepts for free,never try this if you can sell others design one day you will sell mine as well .
  • BEING UNREALISTIC: i am 18 years old , i am a very good fashion designer. Sketching beautiful dresses does not make you a designer. You might have the talent to be one of top designers in the world but not before you know how to sew, how to make basic patterns, the structure of a suit, have knowledge in costume history, textiles, production process, fitting, experience in working with clients.
  • Casual Approach: It should be common sense that when you apply for a job you don’t use emojis. Always check your grammar and spelling! And avoid slang words.
  • Confused in Life: i like drawing i can do sketching but i cant create good patterns ,well it shows you are in confusion is it good to be part of fashion industry or not

Try to follow :

  • Well…start with a proper introduction! What’s your name, age and location.
  • What is your motivation? Write why you want to be a fashion designer – your mother inspired you, you were told you look stylish on everyday basis.
  • Then briefly describe your education and experience. Any skills that are making you better at your job .
  • Then say what is it that you’re doing best. Where do you feel like you’re an expert – Shoes? Jewelry? Dresses? Sportswear?
  • Are you a valuable employee? Explain how your skills will help your employer. Why they would be interested in having you in their team?
  • A link to your portfolio. You do have one, right?  If not- head immediately to my HOW TO BUILD A FASHION PORTFOLIO post.
  • Don’t forget to add your contact information: a phone number, an email. Most professionals have a linkedin profile
  • Double check your spelling and click send!

This does not guarantee you’ll get the job but at least you will be taken seriously. Put some effort in your emails and try to imagine what it looks from the other side. Stay positive and believe in your success!

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