How to draw a baseball cap

In this tutorial you will learn an easy method to draw a baseball cap in 3/4 view angle. This evergreen accessory will help you add some sports spirit to your fashion sketches especially if you are designing a casual or athletic wear collection. So grab your pencils and let’s start!

Step 1: Guidelines

Start by drawing your model first. Draw a 3/4 view angle face and leave enough space in front of the model and above her head. Draw 3 vertical guidelines. 2 of them should be framing the head and the third one is right before the ear.

Step 2: Where the hat base lays

To mark where the cap touches the face let’s draw a curved line.  The  curve starts slightly above model’s ear and ends at the head outline – right where the hairline and the forehead meet. Until you reach the  ear vertical line bend the curve downwards. Then go gently up and try to follow the hairline. The line should look simple and graceful.

Step 3: Draw the crown

Next step is to draw a semicircle around the model’s head. Pay attention that the cap outline does not stand directly over the hair. There is some space above the hair. Add the top button of the baseball cap – this is where all the pattern segments join. Use the ear vertical line as a guide to place it properly.

Step 4: Find the size of the visor

Erase all the unnecessary line of the hair. Now draw 2 dots at the cap base. The first one is on the ear vertical line. The second one is at the forehead vertical line. The third dot is interesting – it is positioned outside of the model. The distance between 2nd and 3rd dot equals half the distance between 1st and 2nd.

Make sure that the 2nd and the 3rd dots are laying on the same horizontal line.

Step 5: Guidelines for the peak

This is the really tricky part. You will draw a laying down “8” connecting the 3 dots from the previous step. Notice the difference in the sizes of its parts.

Step 6: Outline the peak

Follow the “8” shape to draw the cap peak. Pay attention to the place where it connects to the base – there should be a short straight line there.

Notice that the left side of the brim is longer than the right side.

Step 7: Draw the panels

Draw the panels of the cap and top stitches right next to them. Around the peak there is also the top stitching. At the top of the hat you can also add a small eyelet if you wish to make it look even more realistic.

Step 8: Add a logo

Time for the fun part – design your logo and put it on the front of the crown. You can erase the whole front  panel to provide a better canvas for the logo or applique the logo over it. Make sure the inside of the brim is in shadow.

Hopefully this tutorial really helped you understand how easy and fun drawing a baseball is and inspired you to create more casual outfits. You can combine with cool sporty clothes in denim fabric , sunglasses and add some sneakers to finish the looks in your collection.

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