How to create your “Professional Portfolio” for Fashion Designers

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Are you a fashion Student ?

Are you looking for a job of fashion designer?

Do you need to create a good Portfolio for it?

You don’t know how…..

well here you will get the answer of your question

A professional portfolio might be the key to your dream job  so be very careful while crafting it  – it’s much more than “just a bunch of sketches and illustrations”.

Let’s Start..

1. Try to stay updated about the fashion trends

It is easy to design clothes. It’s hard to make clothes that are current and the modern person would like to wear them. As a designer you should be informed about the new trends in fabrics, silhouettes, patterns and colors for the next season.

2. BE Original! Don’t copy others

Now that you’re informed how the fashion is developing it’s time to find your own voice. Your own interpretation of these trends.
Let’s say that next year the trend will be anything to do with Rappers.



Find everything you can on your topic.
Read, read, read! It always shows in your work if you are familiar with the theme or you just have used the general knowledge you already had on the topic. In the second case it is most likely to make predictable and boring designs. Do you really want this?


Very brief description of what inspired you and why. Mention who you customer is, what season you’re designing for, the materials that you’re about to use, the details that will be incorporated. A little bit about the colors and silhouettes.


This is the next thing that one would expect to find in your portfolio. After they’ve read the resume of the project they would want to see HOW EXACTLY. Collect and collage the reference pictures that you think best represent your vision.


There should be fabrics and colors samples in your portfolio.
Select the 5-9 fabrics that you find best for your collection. Think about the comfort of your customer, whether this textile is easy to work with, if it goes well with the rest of the fabrics and if it’s appropriate for the season. Is this fabric going to allow you to create the volumes and effects you’re looking for?


Flats are how most of the designers actually work. Model illustrations takes a lot of time and you focus on the wrong thing. You should be thinking only about the design at this point.
For a collection of 12 outfits you should have done at least 50 flat sketches and selected the best of them.


As you see the actual fashion illustrations are one of the last things that you do when making a fashion portfolio. The illustrations should really catch the eye of the viewer. He should be looking with interests to see the next page. Use unexpected poses and figure compositions. Don’t be afraid to cut the figure in half or make even only a head shot.


Photos are optional supplement to the portfolio, but they are always a big plus. By having them you will show the viewers that you not only have the ideas but also the skills to make them happen. If you have sewn the clothes it is very important to make professional looking photos. If you know a photographer- ask him to help you or hire someone.



This is the final step, but you should think of it from the very beginning. The cover of your portfolio, the quality of the materials you’ve used, the format and colors are the first thing people will see.
You can buy a beautiful file and just put all the pages in or you can make it by yourself.


Many aspiring designers make the mistake to over design their portfolio. It’s awesome that you’re that creative, but remember that good taste is what the viewer is seeking for. Less is more!






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