Fashion Illustration : How to illustrate fringes

Hi all!  this is Dheeraj from creativity store again …..

today we will try to illustrate a very complicated but useful illustration specially for fashion designers

Step 01:

Lets create a strong base for our illustration , if your sketching is good that’s great if not you can use any croquis template .

Step 02:

Lets create stitching lines for the dress where you like to attach the fringes to dress.  for  example  I’ve decided to have fringe on the sleeves and 5 layers of fringe on the body of the dress.Try not to go crazy with too many layers of fringe at least this first time. This is a beautiful but time-consuming technique and you can get easily frustrated unless you love to draw picky small details in your fashion sketches.


Step 03:

this is a very important part  as we need to put physics in illustration in other words gravity .to understand it properly Draw 1-2 lines with about the same length for each fringe row.

Step 04:

Now we need to decide the length of the fringes and draw the outline of every fringe Make sure the layers are overlapping slightly each other as they usually do in reality.

Step 05:

Let’s draw the first row of fringes now , In order not to get lost in many same looking lines just make the fringe elements thinner than the distance between them.

Step 06 :

It’s time to close all the fringes now If you followed the above tip you won’t get confused where is the spacing and where are the fringe parts.

Step 07:

This is the most important step to add depth ,Don’t try to achieve perfection – even if some of them end up too think of too thick it’s okay!

Step 08:

Now you need to repeat the step ,Draw the second row of fringe the same way. Make sure you follow the gravity and length guidelines.

Step 09: 

Now we need to ink the final illustration , Ink your drawing and erase all the unnecessary pencil lines that will only confuse you for the colouring that follows.

Step 10 :

Let’s colour the base of the illustration remember it is just a base colour .Use a darker shade of the same colour to cover the fringe area. This is for the fringe elements in-depth. Use a media different from colour pencils.

Step 11:

Now to set apart the elements that are closer to us use a light, bright colour and cover only the front layer of each row.Even if you worked with markers, tempera or watercolours so far I recommend to switch to colour pencils in this step to build up the colour. Pencils over pencils might look off.

Step 12:

And we are almost done ,For additional realism darken the place where two fringe rows are overlapping and add flying elements here and there showing some movement. Now we’re ready!

I hope you find this fringe drawing tutorial helpful and it has inspired you to create gorgeous new collections, tons of beautiful fashion sketches and innovative ways to use fringe in fashion.

i will come back with some more useful tutorials till then keep chilling . take care







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