Emraan refused to kiss Alia ,Kangna and Zareen khan

We all know that Emraan Hashmi is known as the “Serial Kisser of Indian Film Industry” and there have been only a few movies where he has not kissed the actress of the movie. Also, he has such a strong image when it comes to kissing on the screen that Every time there is a film of him on the screen that everyone starts expecting a couple of intimate scenes in the movie. But do you know that opposite to his image, he has refused to kiss 3 Bollywood divas on screen? Here is the list of actresses Emraan Hashmi refused to kiss on screen.

1. Zareen Khan

Zareen Khan, who started her career with Salman Khan starer movie “Veer” and undoubtedly she’s one of the very known actresses in B-town. The reason that Emraan Hashmi refused to kiss Zareen Khan on screen is that they share a very good bond together as friends and maybe he didn’t want to step out of his comfort zone with her.

2. Kangna Ranaut

We all know that Kangna Ranaut is known to be the Queen of Bollywood and she’s undoubted to be one of the most talented actresses in the Indian Film Industry. Kangna Ranaut and Emraan Hashmi have worked together in the initial days of their career and it is said that Emraan Hashmi has already refused to do kissing scenes with Kangna Ranaut during that tenure.

3. Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt, one of the most beautiful lady in B-town and of course one of the most talented too is also among the 3 actresses Emraan Hashmi refused to kiss. No doubt, you would be wondering which man would say no when it will come to kiss this diva, but very few know that Emraan Hashmi and Alia Bhatt are brother and sister in relation and which lead him to refuse to do anything like this.


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