PHP Tutorials : How to do user authentication in CodeIgniter

Today we look at¬†user authentication in codeigniter¬†and some best practices to use when building a secure login environment for members of an application. Our goal here is not just to allow users to login and access members only content. We can do this very easily by setting some session data after checking the username & […]

Microsoft Word Tutorial : How to create flyer on microsoft word

This tutorial gives the illustrated step by step instructions to create a¬†Computer Classes Flyer¬†using the¬†Business Application¬†–¬†Microsoft Word. Step 01: Document Setup MICROSOFT WORD PAGE LAYOUT TAB – PAGE SETUP GROUP To properly setup your document, go up to the¬†Ribbon¬†and select the¬†Page Layout Tab. MICROSOFT WORD SIZE OPTIONS – LETTER Then in the¬†Page Setup Group, select¬†Size […]

How to create Air Plane in illustrator

In the following steps you will learn how to create an airplane illustration in Adobe Illustrator. For starters you will learn how to using basic tools and vector shape building techniques along with the Pathfinder palette you will learn how to create the main airplane components. Moving on you will learn how to add shading […]

How to draw a baseball cap

In this tutorial you will learn an easy method to draw a baseball cap in 3/4 view angle. This evergreen accessory will help you add some sports spirit to your fashion sketches especially if you are designing a casual or athletic wear collection. So grab your pencils and let‚Äôs start! Step 1: Guidelines Start by […]

How To Use The Audio Clip Mixer In Premiere Pro

So just to clarify off the bat, there are 2 mixers that you can use in Premiere Pro. ¬†The Audio Track Mixer, and the Audio Clip Mixer. We‚Äôve actually done a video already on¬†how to use¬†the Audio Track Mixer. ¬†Check that out if you‚Äôre looking for how that one works, but in this video we […]

Illustrator Tutorial: Reel with Needle

In this tutorial, we will explain how to illustrate a reel with thread and needle step by step. You can do this illustration using any color of thread. Also, you can put some needles on the ground too. In this tutorial you will learn several cool techniques to create this simple illustration. ¬†Let‚Äôs get started! […]

PHP for Beginners

PHP Variables Definition:¬†A variable is an identifier that denotes a storage location used to store data value. Explanation:¬†A variable is like a container that has a name and is used to store some data. Variable is most basic thing that you will be using whenever your code. Since you will always have some data to […]

Let’s Illustrate the workstation in Adobe illustrator

Open a New Document 1. Launch Illustrator, press¬†Ctrl + N¬†to create a¬†New¬†document. Select¬†Pixels¬†from the¬†Units¬†drop down menu, enter¬†1180¬†in the width box and¬†930¬†in the height box then click on the¬†¬†Advanced¬†¬†button. Select¬†RGB,¬†Screen¬†(72ppi)¬†and make sure that the¬†Align New Objects to Pixel Grid¬†box is unchecked before you click¬†OK. Create the Desk 2. For starters, we will begin with the desk. […]
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