Fashion Illustration

I want you to be part of my creativity

Hey ! how you doing … hope you all are rocking ……… Today i am writing this post as a appeal to all of you to be the part of my creativity .Well! when ever i draw something there was no aim behind that . i did it because i loved it  but now i […]

Fashion Illustration : How to illustrate fringes

Hi all!  this is Dheeraj from creativity store again ….. today we will try to illustrate a very complicated but useful illustration specially for fashion designers Step 01: Lets create a strong base for our illustration , if your sketching is good that’s great if not you can use any croquis template . Step 02: Lets […]

Fashion Illustration : How to draw a flare skirt

Hello everyone!! this is Dheeraj again with a tutorial on Fashion illustration ,this will be a  step-by-step tutorial, where you will learn how to draw a flare  skirt . What you need for this task : Pencils Markers Watercolours thats it Step 1: Create straight length Let’s start by drawing a the waistband and mark […]

How to draw a baseball cap

In this tutorial you will learn an easy method to draw a baseball cap in 3/4 view angle. This evergreen accessory will help you add some sports spirit to your fashion sketches especially if you are designing a casual or athletic wear collection. So grab your pencils and let’s start! Step 1: Guidelines Start by […]

Fashion Sketch vs. Fashion Illustration vs. Flats

What is the difference between a fashion sketch and a fashion illustration? As part of the society working and creating in the fashion industry you will encounter both terms quite often and it is likely to get confused which one is which. Let’s talk about how to differentiate them! Every fashion designer draws fashion sketches. […]

I want to sell my fashion sketches

My beloved aspiring designers, Almost every day I receive emails asking me the same question: I HAVE AMAZING DESIGN IDEAS. HOW DO I SELL MY FASHION SKETCHES? I give you the email of the right person. You email him your sketches. This famous designer for a big fashion brand appreciates your designs. They buy your […]
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