10 fashion trends From Bollywood for you to follow

1. Lavender

No Lavender is not a high-end brand, it is a colour and it belongs to the purple family. It is a lighter and more soothing shade of purple. Like the colour of this top of Disha Patani.

2. Shoulder dusters

Shoulder dusters is a tool to dust off all the dirt from your shoulder! Right? WRONG. Shoulder dusters are basically super long earrings that reach till your shoulder hence the term shoulder duster.

3. Bardot Neckline 

We know fashion terms can be confusing but a Bardot neckline is not a neckline that you can wear only to the bar, it is a fancier term for off-the-shoulder!

4. No Show Socks

I’m not saying you’re uneducated, but no-show socks are quite self-explanatory. They are socks that don’t show up when you wear sneakers and can be worn with boots and booties as well.

6. Fanny Pack 

A pack full of fans? These puns are getting interesting, right? Well, a fanny pack is a bag that you wear not on or across your shoulders but something that you sling around the waist.

7. Bouffant Sleeves

Bouffant sleeves are basically really elaborate and exaggerated sleeves. If you thought they are sleeves you wear to buffet dinners then you are right too, girls do wear these often for buffet dinner to hide all that fat after a fulfilling stuffed meal.

8. Mom Jeans

Worn by Monica and Rachel from Friends in the 90’s they’re just jeans. More than often these are high wasted den that is comfy but unflattering that means they don’t conventionally look good on the wearer. But they end up looking good, so it’s kinda ironic. You know what I mean?

9. Pussy Bow

If you are thinking what I am then the pussy (ahem ahem) bow is not that! The pussy bow is a large, soft and mostly floppy bow at the neck of a shirt.

10. Thong sandals 

We can see your mind racing in the wrong direction again, so I am going to stop you right there and tell you what thong sandals are. Thong sandals are basically flip flops except flip flops are made of rubber and form a v-shape while, thong sandals are made from a leather type material and have some embellishment as a style feature and are made in t-shape.


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